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The ‘Trickling Theory’ Of Smart Investing (FORBES): “Over the long term, what really matters is where I end up in my 70s, 80s, 90s,” McCarthy says, so broad diversification, rather than trying to pick which assets and sectors will be the best performers in the short term, is the best bet for most investors.

4 Ways To Optimize Your Retirement Accounts (Seeking Alpha)Tim Mccarthy tells readers how to optimize retirement accounts (401k/IRA) for tax optimization purposes. How do you allocate your assets across different accounts and which accounts do you withdraw first upon retirement?

Advisers must answer for emerging-markets rout as U.S. stocks rally (Investmentnews.com)

Ways To Invest Safely in a Jittery Market (Forbes)

Ways to Invest Safely in a Jittery Market (Next Avenue)

Risk, Like Beauty, Is in the Eye of the Beholder: How to Assess Your Own Risk Level (Saving Advice): Tim Mccarthy explains in detail about risk and everyone’s personal risk tolerances. In investing it is so important to assess your own level of risk, so that you can properly diversify and choost the right investments. Most importantly, how does one invest safely as an average investor?

Becoming a Safe (and Successful) Investor (PR Newswire)

What to Expect From Alternative Investments (US News Money)

Don’t Be Scared of Emerging Markets (US News Money)

Be Careful Who You Trust (Think Advisor)

American chief who is driven by Japanese philosophy (Financial Times): “Tim McCarthy, Nikko Asset Management’s burly American chief executive, is a far cry from the more conservative Japanese heads of domestic fund management companies.”

Nikko AM CEO on Tokyo quake, helmets, sea legs (Ignites Asia): “Tim McCarthy, chairman and CEO at Nikko Asset Management, was in his office on the 42nd floor of the Midtown Tower – the tallest building in Tokyo – when he first felt the building move at 3:10 p.m. local time on Friday.”

What Could Go Wrong? What Couldn’t Go Wrong? (WSJ): “Tim McCarthy, an industry consultant to asset managers, says a fund might give a long list of risks because it spreads investors’ money across stocks, bonds and other assets, each with its own hazards.”

Will Your Clients Outlive Their Funds? (FA-MAG): “Advisor Partners recently completed a research study that evaluated mutual fund performance in connection with a soon-to-be-published book, The Safe Investor: How to Make Your Money Grow in a Volatile Global Economy by Tim McCarthy (Palgrave Macmillan, February 2014). Among other things gleaned from its research, the Walnut Creek, Calif. investment advisor found that survivorship of mutual funds was strikingly low and that investors are likely to outlive many of their mutual funds.”


The 7 Deadly Sins of Retirement Planning: Includes a nice mention of Tim Mccarthy and a recommendation to the book The Safe Investor.


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