Investments By Age Group

Investing For 22-39 Year Olds – Take advantage of emerging markets
If you are in this age group, then you are in luck. With a longer investment time horizon, this type of investor is able to take on more risk and invest in frontier or emerging countries. Here is an article that details the different country classifications. With trickle investing, and proper country diversification, an investor in this age group can realize high potential gains with relatively low risk. Sure there will be some investments that stay about the same or go down, but other country investments will shoot up exponentially over the coming decades. Because of the potential for such high gains, it is not worth it to look into fixed payment type investments such as a guaranteed fund. Those investments are more suitable for a much older age bracket.

The investment outlook for 25-39 years olds: For people in these age groups, the investing game has changed compared to the baby boomers. The 08-09 financial crises has shaped younger people into becoming more financially responsible. With social security failing, and deficit spending from the government, the millennials and gen-y are not counting on the government to take care of them when they retire. Millennials and gen y groups are facing a lot of uncertainty in the job market, and the instability they have seen through their friends and family have made them more interested in saving and investing.

For 40-54 Year Olds
For 55-71 Year Olds
For 72-Older

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